Choreography: Savitha Sastry
Script: AK Srikanth
Music: Rajkumar Bharathi
Sound Analyst: Sai Shravanam @ Resound Studios, Chennai
Technical Direction: Victor Paulraj (Studio7, Chennai)
Costume design: Arun Kumar Tiwari (Earthen Canvas, New Delhi), C.A. Joy (Joy Dressers, Chennai)
Video: C. Ganesan
Editing: NexGen Studios, Chennai
Vocals: Krithika Arvind & Keerthana Vaidyanathan
Keyboard and Harmonica: Vijayshankar
Mrdangam: Ganapathy V, Vijayaraghavan, Sundaresan
Shehnai: Pandit S Ballesh
Veena: Bhavani Prasad
Sitar and Zitar: L Kishore
Violin and Strings: Embar Kannan (Eastern), Yensone and group (Western)

Elysian Pursuits (2015)

Dance Film

For the fist time ever, Savitha Sastry brings on screen the genre defining dances from her productions that has "virtually constructed a renaissance" in Bharathanatyam (Times of India). Part 1 speaks on why she took on the road-less-travelled. Also features the unforgettable "Dance of Satan" amongst others from "YUDH" (2013).

Part 2 elaborates on how Savitha has reinvented herself as the dancing storyteller. Catch the "Dance of the Soul Caged" - the one that started it all, amongst others from 'Soul Cages' (2012) and an exciting preview of the "Dance of Love" from 'Chains' (2015).

Part 3 is an ode to the adoration and support that audiences have given Savitha. The visceral "Dance of Doubt" from 'The Prophet' (2014) is featured in this part along with the unforgettable "Life in the Dregs".

Part 1
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Part 2
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Part 3
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