It is purely by your support and advocacy that we would be able to bring our productions alive and continue with our endeavours of delivering high quality and thought-provoking productions rendered in Bharathanatyam. Your support to us can be in a number of ways and nothing is too little for us. Write to us at admin@savithasastry.com for assistance with your support.

- Organise a show in your city: We would be happy to bring our show to your city if you could organise the logistics that go behind it such as auditorium rentals, travel costs, accommodation, lighting and sound systems.
- Organise a lecture/workshop in your city: We would be delighted to interact with dance aficionados, students, and lay audience. These can range from one hour lecture-demonstration session to five day workshops and would cover concepts, technique, and preambles to a full fletched production. Click here for more information on workshop content.
- Contribute Donations: Our presentations come with high production values and of course, quality costs. Any assistance from art patrons such as yourself would be most welcome. Payments can be made through our secure site. Please write to us at admin@savithasastry.com.
- Publicise our events: It's word of mouth that gets us the most mileage. Join the 'Inner Circle with Savitha Sastry' on her Facebook and help us spread the word through your communities.
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