To hope from hopelessness through the omniscience of music


Artistic Direction: Savitha Sastry
Concept and Artistic Direction: Savitha Sastry & AK Srikanth
Music composition and direction: Rajkumar Bharathi
Dance Choreography: Renjith Babu Choorakad & Savitha Sastry
Vocals: Shyama & Veeraraghavan
Narration: Prasiddha RamaRao
Keyboard: Muruganandam
Mrdangam: Ramesh Babu
Tabla: Ganesh Rao
Veena: Subramanya Sharma
Sitar: Kishore
Flute: Sashidharan
Recording Studio: Digitrack, Chennai, India
Costume design: Ramani Costume: KR Rajagopal


The Music Within” is an unforgettable and moving experience that strikes a chord in every heart with its simplicity in describing the profound; for themes of hope and love know no language or ethnicity. It presents an evening of perspectives - to hope from hopelessness, through the eyes of Mallika, the little princess who discovers music in everything, including silence. An intelligent amalgamation of the ageless history of music, presented with the grace of the South Indian dance form Bharathanatyam, the “Music Within” appeals to both connoisseurs of this art form as well as to those that are uninitiated with Bharathanatyam.

Stepping away from the conventional mythological tales usually expressed through Bharathanatyam, “The Music Within” dwells on a subject that touches contemporary lives through its universal message of hope and love, without ever compromising on the elegance and form of the traditional dance form.

This presentation has been staged in India, Europe, the Middle East, USA, and Australia and has been highly acclaimed for the power of its narration, the finesse of the danseuse and her art, and the simplicity with which a profound subject has been presented to the audience. Rapturous accolades from audiences and the sold out shows bear testimony to the success of this ballet.


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