The Perfect Dancer Workshop Series

From the atelier to the auditorium, this workshop series focuses on the very basis of the art form and the artist. For whom do you dance? The correct perspective to this question can cause a paradigm shift in the life of a student or a performer of classical art. This is a workshop series that has been described as transformative at the level of the soul.

Pre-requisites: Basic grounding in Bharathanatyam, a lot of imagination, and a willingness to let your creativity soar
Logistics: Duration of each workshop level is 3 hours each. Students will need to bring a Yoga Mat.
Please contact us at if you would like to host this workshop.


Apr 2014: Natya Swara, Hyderabad
Mar 2014: WATC, Beijing
Dec 2013: Northern California (several locations)
Nov 2013: Dance Jathre Festival, Bangalore
Sep 2013: Nrityaangan, Mangalore
Sep 2013: Nelung Arts Center, Colombo
Aug 2013: Sangam Arts, San Jose
Aug 2013: MTB College, Surat
Aug 2013: MS University, Baroda
Jul 2013: Hamsaa, Chennai
Jul 2013: Pune Film Institute, Pune
Jun 2013: DanceFest India, New York
Jun 2013: Kalavandanam, St. Paul
Jun 18-20, 2014: Denver, Colorado
Jul 4-6, 2014: Salt Lake City, Utah
Jul 7-19, 2014: San Jose, California
Jul 26-Aug 9, 2014: Dallas, Texas
Dec 1-5, 2014: Durban, South Africa