YUDH - Three perspectives, One Truth (2013) - Many a time in our life we see perfectly good and innocent people face hardships beyond belief. Innocent children fall victim to cruelty which leaves us wondering if there is any divine justice. In YUDH we focus on such an incident and look at it through three perspectives, those of humans, God, and Satan. Each perspective offers a logical end in itself. We can all go back with answers, all of them valid, but perhaps completely different. YUDH is not a story that ties in with any religion, nor does it refute any. What we have is a stimulating experience which is brought to life with a clarity that perhaps no classical art form can deliver as Bharathanatyam can!

YUDH is an original production. The story and stage play by AK Srikanth were created specifically for this project. The music scored by the famous Chennai based composer Rajkumar Bharathi consists of extremely innovative compositions. The music of YUDH, while strictly based on Indian ragas, would leave the audience in wonder when they find that the sound track has such an international feel to it. Indian classical music can sound Carnatic, Chinese, or Arabic, without a note deviating from the raga as it should be! Rajkumar has used a plethora of instruments to reach this level; the audience would also find the use of Zitar, Oudh, Viola along with traditional instruments.

YUDH is also a visual spectacle. It uses lighting, directed by Victor Paulraj (Chennai) to an effect as though it is a character in this presentation. Victor's evocative lighting design is perfectly complimented with the designs and colours of Joy Antony's (Chennai) costumes. The audience comprehension of the story is supported by voice overs - each character has been voiced by eminent theater artists of the South. The power of the backstage team explodes on stage with the sheer choreography and dancing skills of Savitha Sastry. Even though the presentation is a solo performance, at no point does the audience feel the absence of a group. In fact, you may well be excused for thinking that group shows might even detract from delivering the story with an honesty and elegance.

The YUDH experience is gut wrenching and visceral. These are hardly adjectives that have ever been used to describe a classical dance performance. But then, there has never been such a classical dance performance other than Soul Cages. For once, just for once, the audience will see an edge of the seat classical dance performance - the very use of those words seem contradictory! Savitha and her team at Sai Shree Arts pull it off like no one ever has.


Producer AK Srikanth
Artistic Direction and Choreography Savitha Sastry
Story and Script AK Srikanth
Music and Lyrics Rajkumar Bharathi
Technical Direction and Lighting Victor Paulraj, Studio7
Sound Analyst Sai Shravanam, Resound India
Costume design C A Joy, Joy Dressers; Arun Kumar Tiwari, Earthern Canvas
Makeup Huda Amini
Photography and Design Aditya Sastry, Lost Arrows Studios
Narration Hans Kaushik, Akhila Ramnarayan, Govind Venkatesan, Varun Iyer
Vocals Krithika Arvind & Srikanth
Keyboard Vijayshankar
Mrdangam Vijayaraghavan
Tabla Ganapathy
Veena Bhavani Prasad
Sitar and Zitar Kishore
Flute Vishnu
Violin Embar Kannan; Yensone and group
Recording Studio Resound India, Chennai


India's foremost Bharathanatyam
exponent who has changed the face of
the art form with her modern production.

Sastry rules audiences' hearts!

Her fluid body and hand-eye
movements fired up the stage.

YUDH is set to take things
to a whole new level.

YUDH - a runaway hit! A breath
of fresh air...Charts her own course.

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Audience Comments

Bharathnatyam came to life.
Simple, yet deep, and touching.

I expected to see only traditional dancing,
but what she did was much more.
She describes it as communicating art.
I could not say it any better!

Spectacular, spell bound, what a splendid
show of Bharathanatyam. This was my first ever
experience of watching classical dance.

I couldn’t take my eyes of the stage.
Very evocative.

This was my first ever Bharathanatyam
performance and I was blown away.

An outstanding performance. Whatever the critics
and admirers have to say was truly represented;
no, surpassed!!
Felt blessed to be watching this show.