In Deshika you will find videos that provide templates for postures and movements that form the basis of Bharathanatyam. Mapping and Decoding correct alignments in various positions such as Aramandi, Natyarambha, Diagonals, Prekhana, Garduda Mandalam and many many more using principles of biomachanics is the highlight of Deshika – The Guide.

Nuances of the Natyarambham

Nuances of the Natyarambham[PART 1]

In the second series of the bharatnatyam adavu repertoire there are several key postures and movements that are introduced to a student. One of the most important positions for bharatnatyam dancers to master is the natyarambham, which literally translated means—‘the beginning of natya’. This video illustrates how a dancer can learn and master this position using key areas of biomechanical control in the upper body.

Nuances of the Natyarambham[PART 2]

Here is a seminal video for all Bharathanatyam artists and students, the basis of how to move and progress your body into the Natyarambham. This video maps out the four step process and provides a navigation tool for other supporting videos on this topic on the Inner Circle with Savitha Sastry.

Art of Aramandi

Art of the Aramandi [PART 1]

Diagnosis. The common mistakes and misalignments in Aramandi are illustrated by looking at a case study of a student experiencing knee pain.

Art of the Aramandi [PART 2]

Activation. Before strength workouts and dancing, it is important to activate muscles. This pre-habilitation is the preparatory stage of practice that is an absolute must to avoid injuries!!!

Art of the Aramandi [PART 3]

Any position in Bharatanatyam needs proper form and alignment, especially the Aramandi. The most important part of ‘Art of The Aramandi’ is learning the form.
From the feet to the top of the head, the main Aramandi posture/form and alignments are described in this video.

Art of the Aramandi [PART 4]

Four major exercises for increasing depth of the Aramandi developed in consultation with a strength and conditioning specialist are in store for you in this video.