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Soul Cages

Soul Cages

In 2012, Savitha Sastry and AK Srikanth stunned the world of classical Indian dance with their thematic presentation ‘Soul Cages’. The stage presentation was the outcome of an attempt to use classical dance to tell a novel story not based on religion or mythology, and therefore evangelize the art form amongst the uninitiated and the disinterested. The show was an astounding hit which went on to play in 150 venues across 14 countries.

Soul Cages – the Film is essentially a new story, but connected with the original stage production by an umbilical. The short film, at its core, looks at the equilibrium between life and death. The deeply philosophical tale is portrayed through a denouement that is easy to understand, stunning visuals, and an extremely moving narrative. Apart from Savitha Sastry, the film also features noted actor Rupesh Tillu (Ship of Theseus, Ophelia) in an avatar he has not been seen in before.

Soul Cages, the stage show is already a presentation that has achieved a cult status. The film takes it further into realms unseen, with an unmatched intensity.