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National Publications

‘There is a sense of honesty that comes through in her work…’

Times Of India Apr 10, 2015 Source

‘… has merged contemporary content with the centuries old dance form to create a unique niche.’

Times Of India Feb 7, 2015 Source

‘…showcased how a woman’s decisions are moulded more by external factors than personal will’

Times Of India Feb 22, 2015 Source

‘The husband – wife duo has struck a chord with audiences in conveying deeply philosophical thoughts with striking simplicity, élan and elegance’

The Hindu Feb 27, 2015 Source

‘Holds the distinction of being the dancer to have brought out a revolution in the way Bharatanatyam is presented after Rukmini Devi Arundale’

Indian Express Mar 9, 2015 Source

‘Successfully taking the dance form outside the mythological and religious frameworks’

Indian Express Feb 15, 2015 Source

‘The pretty dancer … has brought about a revolution in the way Bharatanatyam is presented’

Deccan Chronicle Mar 7, 2015 Source

‘What sets Savitha apart from her contemporaries is the fact that she doesn’t mind breaking away from the traditional linear form of Bharathanatyam’

Deccan Chronicle Feb 20, 2015 Source

‘… uses the language of Bharatanatyam to focus on the predominant theme of a woman’s life: freedom’

Deccan Chronicle Feb 23, 2015 Source

‘A revolutionary dancer has to her name the epithet of dancing story-teller.. way to go!’

Society Feb 2015 Source

‘Indeed a huge accomplishment for Sastry as she has proven that this art form can be entertaining and thought-provoking too’

DNA, Navi Mumbai edition Feb 7, 2015 Source

‘Unshackle age-old Chains.. an ode to women’

Mid Day Jan 29, 2015 Source

‘Unconventional and thought-provoking’

DNA Feb 5, 2015 Source

‘Her path breaking work has been recognised as a renaissance by critics and audiences all over the world’

Afternoon D&C Feb 12, 2015 Source

‘Seamlessly merges tradition with improvisation… refreshing tone to an age old dance form’

Asian Age Jan 19, 2015 Source

‘.. delivers original story lines with her impeccable artistry and technique.. the genius of artistic direction, elegance and perfection on stage.’

DNA After Hrs Feb 4, 2015 Source

‘has brought about a sweeping change in the field of performing arts’

Spice Jet March, 2015 Source

‘.. the latest masterpiece Chains: Love Stories of Shadows’

Hans India Feb 23, 2015 Source

‘…the renaissance-architect of Bharatanatyam’

Absolute India Feb 7, 2015 Source

‘Savitha holds the distinction of being the one woman since Rukmini Devi Arundale to have brought about a revolution in the way Bharatanatyam is presented.’

Newsband, Navi Mumbai edition Jan 20, 2015 Source

National Publications

‘… has virtually constructed a renaissance of the ancient art form with her experiments’

Times Of India Jul 24, 2014 Source

‘An enigmatic recital’

Times Of India Nov 9, 2013 Source

‘Renowned dancer showcases plight of woman through her art’

Hindustan Times Mar 10, 2014 Source

‘The Innovator.. changing the way the genre is presented and perceived’

Hindustan Times Nov 7, 2013 Source

‘The ripple effect of the papal resignation resulted in the duo (Savitha and Srikanth) creating a dark and introspective dance piece titled ‘The Prophet’

Indian Express Apr 12, 2014 Source

‘Her dance speaks the language of honesty. With that, she takes on the stage making it her own. With every show the dancer raises the bar.’

Indian Express Apr 6, 2014 Source

‘The Prophet is a production that carries an intensity that will leave the audience thinking about it for a very long time… aching exquisite choreography… adds up to something far more than an evening of entertainment’

Indian Express Nov 9, 2013 Source

‘The Prophet enthrals Mangaloreans!’

Deccan Herald Sep 22, 2014 Source

‘Classical Dance can be an edge of the seat experience!’

Deccan Herald Apr 15, 2014 Source

‘..out to prove that classical dance drama can be an edge-of-the-seat experience’

Mid-Day Nov 7, 2013 Source

‘Her narration of the story was spellbinding’

DNA Nov 3, 2014 Source

‘Savitha and Srikanth are widely credited as having changed the ground rules for how this ancient artform is conceptualised, presented, and perceived.’

DNA Mar 9, 2014 Source

‘Savitha Sastry is known for her beautiful renditions of classical dances in contemporary style’

DNA Oct 30, 2013 Source

‘Savitha Sastry’s dance enters new forays!..solo journey of transformation and retreat…brilliant sparks of Abhinaya’

The Hindu Oct 25, 2013 Source

‘..had Bengaluru’s art frat in awe’

Deccan Chronicle Oct 24, 2013 Source

‘A classical treat… raises very deep and disturbing questions for what we assume for granted.’

Millenium Post Apr 12, 2014 Source

‘Savitha’s abilities of delivering original story lines with her impeccable artistry and technique, have made her a household name in the art world of Bharathanatyam.’

Metro India Nov 18, 2013 Source

‘Her Abhinaya won huge applause’

Metro India Nov 20, 2013 Source

‘..the audience will go back with memories of having watched something far more significant than they have in any classical performance’

Asian Age Oct 29, 2013 Source

‘Savitha single handed dons all the roles and engages the viewers…connoisseurs look forward to their productions’

Hans India Nov 20, 2013 Source

‘Never before has a classical dance presentation had this kind of effect on audiences.’

Mangalore Today Sep 15, 2014 Source

‘… audiences were seen glued to their seats even after the curtain call’

Absolute India Nov 9, 2013 Source

‘.. a script to match a modern mind… a lovely dancer and story teller… they make the classical dance of Bharathanatyam something that everyone would wish to perform.’ (Online) Apr 18, 2014 Source

‘The Prophet stands tall as a theatre production.. progressive and novel thought behind it..everything bore the signature of the creative team.’

Narthaki (Online) Oct 24, 2013 Source

‘Savitha Sastry’s artistry raises the bar even higher than the highly lauded Soul Cages and YUDH.’

Mangalorean (Online) Sep 20, 2014 Source

‘Savitha Sastry and AK Srikanth have revolutionised Bharathanatyam’

Channel 6 Nov 2013 Page1 Page2


Regional Publications

‘With her novel presentation Savitha left the viewers in Jaipur stunned’

Rajasthan Kesari (translated) Mar 9, 2014 Source

‘Savitha presented the minutia of art in a way that fulfilled the souls of the viewers’

Rajasthan Patrika (translated) Mar 9, 2014 Source

‘The Prophet sees Savitha sastry in a totally new Avataar.’

Dainik Bhaskar (translated) Mar 9, 2014 Source

‘The emotions of the Prophet sparkled in her dance’

Samachar Jagat (translated) Mar 9, 2014 Source

‘(Her) Creativity is the only foundation for art’

Punjab Kesari (translated) Mar 7, 2014 Source

‘Savitha proves art has no religion.’

Namaste Telangana (translated) Nov 19, 2013 Source

‘A new innovation in the field of performing arts.’

Surya (translated) Nov 19, 2013 Source

National Publications

‘The dancing storyteller … impeccable technique and artistry.’

Times of India Dec 6, 2014 Source

‘An enthralling performance…had the audience spellbound.’

Times of India February 21, 2013 Source

‘Savitha challenged herself to generate shows that would trump a movie on TV. With Yudh under her belt, the transition is near complete.’

Sunday Times (Sri Lanka) Sep 22, 2013 Source

‘..Savitha Sastry expresses the inexpressible through her preferred medium, Bharathanatyam’

Indian Express July 5, 2013 Source

‘..stimulating …leaves the audience with new questions’

Indian Express February 20, 2013 Source

‘..on a truth finding mission ..she uses dance to convey intelligent content.’

Indian Express March 29, 2013 Source

‘Yudh is not a story that ties with any religion, nor does it refute any.’

Indian Express Febraury 23, 2013 Source

‘Sastry rules audiences’ hearts!…a scintillating solo dance spectacle!”

Hindustan Times February 24, 2013 Source

‘..the eyes speak and help us recall the magic of bharathanatyam’

Hindustan Times February 23, 2013 Source

‘YUDH is set to take things to a whole new level!’

Hindustan Times January 31, 2013 Source

‘Her fluid body and hand-eye movements fired up the stage…Savitha’s presentations appeals to the intellect rather than preaching to them (the audience)’

The Hindu January 26, 2013 Source

‘..Yudh is different …it takes inspiration from Cinema to tell a story.’

The Hindu March 13, 2013 Source

‘A stunning act … moved the audience to tears!’

Deccan Herald March 15, 2013 Source

‘India’s foremost Bharathanatyam exponent who has changed the face of the art form with her modern productions. YUDH has left audiences across major metros spellbound. At a time when traditional artforms are slowly losing their charm and mass appeal Savitha’s productions certainly come as a breath of fresh air.’

Deccan Herald March 10, 2013 Source

‘YUDH’ – A runaway hit! A breath of fresh air in a circuit on adherence … charts her own course.’

Deccan Chronicle April 3, 2013 Source

‘Hailed as a pioneer in the use of bharathanatyam to create new choreographies utilising narratives and stories.’

Deccan Chronicle March 5, 2013 Source

‘With 1.5 million hits on her YouTube videos she has made her point already!’

The Tribune February 23, 2013 Source

‘..marries the aesthetics of Bharathanatyam with the power of an intelligent and novel story-line.’

Asian Age January 27, 2013 Source

‘It is seldom that a part of our life is showcased using classical dance…Savitha has found a story that is a part of every human’s life.’

The Pioneer December 24, 2012 Source

‘Breaking the traditional shackles, Savitha Sastry has brought Bharatanatyam on stage in a new avatar.’

The Pioneer February 24, 2013 Source

‘With voiceovers and great choreography, the presentation is a solo performance with a rich story line.’

Afternoon January 2, 2013 Source

‘A storyteller and a brilliant performer. When Savitha Sastry is on stage, you are spell-bound.’

Postnoon February 23, 2013 Source

‘Her dance productions are actually stories; stories that make the audience reflect and ponder over’

Hans India February 24, 2013 Source

‘..separated from religion and mythology, and yet connected to spirituality.’

Hans India February 21, 2013 Source

‘Her original productions have struck the rare balance between experimentation and conformity’

Daily Post February 23, 2013 Source

‘With compelling virtuosity and malleable expressions Savitha brought viewers into the very rhythms of cosmic dualism. Shape shifting between the vagaries of good and evil, she gave form to a story of destruction, hope, and redemption. ‘

Stanford News Oct 26, 2012 Source

‘A total experience to the senses.’

Planet Powai Sep 22, 2014 Source

Regional Publications

‘Her presentations are a rich blend of dance, an original story, voiceovers and lighting effects.’

Dainik Bhaskar Febraury 23, 2013 Source

‘This is a story based on the battle for justice in our daily lives. It was a visual spectacle at Tagore theatre.’

Dainik Bhaskar Febraury 24, 2013 Source

‘Yudh – A unique fusion of an outstanding story and a heart-felt dance’

Amar Ujala February 24, 2013 Source

‘The sound of her ankle bells tore through the silence of a stunned audience and captured them!’

Punjab Kesari (translated) February 23, 2013 Source

‘Savitha Sastry holds the audience captive!’

Aaj Samaj Febraury 24, 2013 Source

‘An attempt to reach the new generation through new stories.’

Daily Hindi Milap Febraury 24, 2013 Source

‘A unique soul-stirring that redefines the ancient dance form of Bharatanatyam.’

Dainik Jagaran Febraury 24, 2013 Source

‘Her outstanding performance won the hearts of the audience.’

Dainik Savera Febraury 24, 2013 Source

‘Yudh is a masterpiece.’

Dainik Tribune Febraury 24, 2013 Source

National Publications

‘Savitha Sastry stands apart even amongst her most talented peers, with her combination of perfect technique and innovative spirit. As a solo dancer, she is a pioneer in using Bharathanatyam to create new choreographies and narratives.’

Times of India July 16, 2012 Source

‘Her performances come across as straight-from-the-heart expressions.’

Times Of India Aug 21, 2012 Source

‘Inspired by Broadway shows and movies, dancer Savitha Sastry weaves a story in Soul Cages.’

Indian Express Aug 10, 2012 Source

‘…transcends the barriers of age, gender, and nationalities’

Indian Express July 6, 2012 Source

‘Twenty years later she would do the unthinkable. She knew she was traversing a path few dared possible and twenty years later, she made all that possible through her most recent show called ‘Soul Cages’ in Delhi’

Indian Express Feb 5, 2012 Source

‘Savitha Sastry leaves Chandigarh audience awestruck!’

Hindustan Times Jul 15, 2012 Source

‘Savitha.. kept audiences hooked to the story of a small girl who reaches heaven and her experience when she meets the god of death’

Hindustan Times Feb 2, 2012 Source

‘Savitha captures the concept of the cycle of life and death through the grace of Bharathanatyam without ever compromising the grace of the dance form.’

The Statesman Apr 5, 2012 Source

‘Soul Cages – A renaissance in Bharathanatyam’

Sunday Standard Dec 9, 2012 Source

‘Srikanth’s story .. was dramatic and powerful as was Rajkumar Bharati’s music and Savitha Sastry’s precision driven performance.’

The Hindu Sep 7, 2012 Source

‘There is a lot of aesthetics; the presentation of the theme is superb by way of dance and mime.’

The Hindu Aug 10, 2012 Source

‘Sastry’s excellent abhinaya and stage presence assured that a lack of knowledge about sign language or margam (traditional repertoire) did not diminish the viewer’s experience. the recital called for Quick switch of characters and quicker eye movements… through it all sastry is riveting’

TimeOut – Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore January 20, 2012 Source

‘The performance left the audience visibly shaken and emotionally stirred.’

Daily Mirror (Colombo) Aug 21, 2012 Source

‘… succeeded in enthralling the audience with its unique theme and new approach.’

Deccan Herald Feb 17, 2012 Source

‘Savitha Sastry, mesmerised the audience as she showcased ‘Soul Cages’, ..a ballet that literally spoke to the heart. The ‘Soul Cages’ brought to life, a deeply thought provoking philosophy through mythological characters and ordinary people. This intoxicating blend of classical dance with a story line rooted in timelessness made the presentation one of a kind in the arena of dance, music and theatre.’

Deccan Herald February 1, 2012 Source

‘Savitha Sastry is redefining the dance form and its philosophy.’

Deccan Chronicle Aug 6, 2012 Source

‘Using the grammar of Bharathanatyam it’s all about creating a new visual vocabulary and telling fresh, original stories.. knocking down pigeon holes as she breaks free.. in the vast expanse of traditional minus the baggage of restrictive thinking!

The Tribune July 15, 2012 Source

‘A unique presentation structured on a beautiful imagery and a heart warming narrative told through the fluid grace and style of Bharathanatyam.’

Asian Age May 24, 2012 Source

‘Ace Bharathanatyam danseuse.’

Asian Age May 10, 2012 Source

‘Savitha is at the forefront of keeping the traditional Indian dance form alive.’

Afternoon Apr 5, 2012 Source

‘Savitha – the dancing storyteller’

Financial World Jan 28, 2012 Source

‘The show had it all – immaculate abhinaya combined with appropriate pure dance phrases, punctuated with a sharp voice-over and a choice stage setting. The explicit portrayal had the audience glued to their seats.’

Kalaparva Aug 2012 Source

‘Savitha demonstrated her skills of communication with the audience, bringing a new dimension with her innovative concept of this presentation, An accomplished Bharatanatyam dancer with a stately presence on stage, a good sense of line and geometry, footwork and aesthetics, Savitha beautifully portrayed the several roles of mother, child, angel, father and lord of death. The innovative use of props, subtle and evocative, the continuity of the script maintained by voice and the music and lighting enhanced the production values of the performance giving it a sense of elegance and harmony.’ March 8, 2012 Source

Regional Publications


‘A dance of life and death in fifty four minutes!.’

Dainik Bhaskar (translated) Jul 15, 2013 Source


‘The colours of life and death were painted through Bharathanatyam… a magnificent presentation.’

Amar Ujala (translated) Jul 15, 2013 Source


‘The story of a child was presented with such intensity that each member of the audience was left stunned.’

Punjab Kesari (translated) July 15, 2012 Source


‘The magnificent solo bharathanatyam performance by Savitha Sastry won the hearts of the viewers. this story related through the medium of dance by Savitha left the viewers emotionally shaken.’

Nayi Duniya February 2, 2012 Source


‘The metamorphosis from one character to the next during the performance was excellent. Savitha was profusely successful in her endeavour to express the mood of the story through her performance and presentation, without hurting the essence of ancient Indian dance form Bharatanatyam.’

Sakalbela (translated) March 11, 2012 Source


‘Amazing physicality..the resounding applause demonstrated the appreciation of the audience across all barriers of race or nationality.’

Dinamani Feb 3, 2013 Source


‘Presenting a margam or traditional bharatanayam repertoire, spectators were treated to the skillful ease afforded to a performer in her prime…Sastry expertly conjured the environments in which her pieces took place, where a little girl, although never represented, was made visible by the braiding of her hair, the chiding of her actions, or the soothing of her tear-stained face by Sastry’s gentle mother-character; or a maiden was trapped by a herd of wayward cows.’

Pulse Magazine Oct 26, 2012 Source

‘Savitha endowed with a graceful personality, brought alive the subtle nuances with nimble footwork and evocative expressions, a perfect sense of line and geometry… Savitha’s performance was a blend of harmony elegance and the accomplishment of a dedicated artist.’ Sep 25, 2011 Source

Interviews: Savitha says..

‘I am taking Bharathanatyam back to its roots.’

Hindustan Times Nov 7, 2013 Source

‘Cosmetic change with regard to looks and costume is not enough, the core needs to change. We need to to use content with the same gravity but with ideas rooted in the present.’

Times of India Sep 24, 2013 Source

‘I strike a balance between the old and the new’

Indian Express Nov 9, 2013 Source

‘Classical need not be boring. If it is boring, it is hardly classical!’

Air India Magazine Jul 2012 Source

‘.. my most invaluable contribution – to touch the lives of everyday people.’

Atelier Diva Dec 2012 Source

‘Developing a story into a dance presentation is in every way equivalent to the joy of seeing your child grow up under your care.’

Atelier Jul 2012 Source

‘Entertaining an audience is far more important than impressing a critic.’

Femina May 2012 Page1 Page2

‘Soul Cages is the first time in the history of classical dance the so-called garbs of spirituality worn by the shenanigans of the art are ripped apart.’

Femina (South) Oct 2012 Source

‘I already have a medium here (Bharathanatyam). It’s beautiful and can communicate all that I want to.’

The Hindu Oct 2012 Source

‘The stories are contemporary, the effects are state-of-the-art. However, my dance stays true to traditional Bharathanatyam.’

Hindustan Times Jul 2012 Source

‘The connection that one makes with the audience is what transforms a performer into an artist.’

Imperia Jan 2012 Page1 Page2 Page3

‘Dance comes closest to the core of my being. It shares an equal footing with a handful of people I hold close to my life.’

Jade Mar 2012 Page1 Page2 Page3 Page4

‘Choreography is an integral part of a dancer’s evolution and therefore best internalised by the dancer.’

Perfect Woman Feb 2012 Page1 Page2

‘It is wrong to blame the youth for the lack of interest. It is upto the performer to make it worth their attention and interest.’

Ravishing Jan 2012 Page1 Page2

‘Even a very poor dancer can be made to look good on screen thanks to the number of retakes you are allowed!’

Post Script Mar 27, 2012 Page1 Page2