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Hi Krupa,

I would classify goals as short term and long term – with stamina falling into the long term category. Dancers always push the envelope on their performance and as a result the energy deficit – which manifests as lack of stamina, is a constant ‘work in progress’. Routines are the only way to get anywhere with these long term goals, for without that the infinitesimally small progress you make on a daily basis will not have a lasting impact. And knowledge of what to include in those routines is vital – such as a good amount of ‘base training’ (this is coming up soon on the Inner Circle) and endurance-centered workouts that include defined strength and conditioning goals (also in the pipeline for release).

Something that I want to emphasise is this – a routine is not the same thing repeated everyday. It is allocating time and effort for a task that follows a weekly pattern. However there has to be definite progression in the challenge level and a balanced variety in your workouts for comprehensive development. In other words, the same Adavu or item routine is not going to get you to your goals. Your body will adapt to it quickly, and especially if you are dancing taking ‘shortcuts’ (form and technique is sacrificed) because you cannot keep up, then here is your double whammy! You are creating muscle memory patterns that become ingrained not upholding the correct geometry and lines. And you are making no significant gains with stamina! Slow, steady progress is the only way. A good place to begin is at the ‘Stamina 101’ program that I have outlined. You might be eager to start stamina building with dance. That can follow after you have some cardiorespiratory and strength milestones achieved. I would advice you to stay off dancing until then! Or else you run the risk of injuries. Stay tuned for more videos on this topic. Hope this helps you