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Hi Ishika,

Good question. While the best training window is between 12-18 years of age, it is never late to begin a strength program. Starting at 30 years of age, one loses 3-5% of their muscle mass per decade. Years of dancing at a younger age may predispose you to over-use injuries at a later age. By starting to work on your strength now, you are buying time not only to continue dancing for a long time, but to safe-guard even from natural age-related changes and changes accrued from repetitive strain while dancing.

Yes, there are adaptations for dance while you train such as regulating your nutrition and scheduling practices so you are giving adequate recovery time. However, the more critical aspect is following a strength program that supports dancing and doesn’t cause further imbalances. I hope to cover this and more in the videos to come. Thank you for the question – it helps me plan what to address in the forthcoming videos to help you better:)