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    Dr Arya Nambiar

    I believe there are lot of aspect of being a dancer rather than merely being a perfect dancer. A dancer my soul can sense the rythym in each and everything , chirping birds of morning , the rain , the sound of vehicles and even the smallest vibration around you act as a rythym that ur mind tend to dance with .. that is ultimately going to lead to the serenity of being a dancer.. enjoying each step enjoying each piece of art soulfully takes a lott of time that’s one of the highest alltitude a dancer can achieve .. ❤️


    Absolutely resonate with your thought Arya, that living in the moment is the most important take away – whether art teaches you that or life. My only two cents is – I would not discount the quest to perfecting form in this journey to live in the moment. One need not be a detriment to the other. As long as the quest to achieving perfection is not bringing you down in spirit or emotion, it can be as invigorating as watching birds or sitting by the ocean waves! Everything is a journey – including working on form or movements. Cultivating patience in practice helps stay in the moment. Loved your thoughts on it – do keep writing!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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