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Colors Saffron

Colors Saffron


‘Colors’ is a trilogy of short films created by AK Srikanth (the Writer and Director), and performed by Savitha Sastry. ‘Colors’ refers to the three colours of the Indian national flag, and the trilogy is a series that juxtaposes the life of a woman today, with the visions that our founding fathers had when India got its independence. The first part of the trilogy – ‘Green’ released in Sep 2020, while the second in the series – ‘White’ released in Apr 2021.


Saffron in the national flag stands for courage. ‘Colors: Saffron’ the dance film is set in a dystopian hell where women who have transgressed against the order of society by proving themselves more successful than men, are wiped clean of their memory, and sent to live in a ‘Cell’ for the rest of their natural lives in atonement for their ‘grave sins’ they do not remember.


This dance film looks at the enormity of this crime against women through the eyes of a protagonist, who starts to get visions of her erased past. Her defiance and courage against the system can never be in vain, as it takes just one thought to spark a revolution.


This narrative could be watched as is, or interpreted to be a representation of how a woman is subjugated by her family and society for the crime of being more successful than her man. With no voiceovers, narratives or dialogs, the film is an intense and hard hitting conclusion to the Colors trilogy.


The film is choreographed and performed by Savitha Sastry – a performance that is unforgettable, hard-hitting and technically flawless. Director and Writer AK Srikanth is in his elements with the intensity he is most famous for, while the background score by Abhay Nayampally, the camera work by Suhas Jay, and the production support by Varsha Raviprakasha weave their magic to catapult the narrative to new heights.




Savitha Sastry


AK Srikanth


Varsha Raviprakasha


Jenny Abraham , Aaisha Niraula, Niharika Prasad, Swathi, Lalitha Gowda, Lakshmi L P, Pushpa P, Swarana Gowda, Vasantha, Manjulamma, Kalpana Chandru, Kavitha N , Nandini Prasad, Padmini Ramu, Aishwarya G, Pooja Hunsuru, Rashmi K, Sneha Venkat, Vidya B, Manjula K, Radhika Sandhya Uma, Shashikala


Prasad, Ashoka, Srikanth, Darshan, Naveen, Roshan

Writer and Director:

AK Srikanth

Choreographer & Performer:

Savitha Sastry

Music Director:

Rajkumar Bharathi

DOP and Editing:

S Jay

Art Director:

Anil Kabir Gadag

Dance Set Design:

Victor Paul Raj

Assosiate Director & Assistant Editor:

Varsha Raviprakasha

Assosiate DOP:

Himanshu Jain

Costumes & Make up:

Laila Khan (Laila Studios)


Areeba Shah

Sound Enhgineer:

Sai Shravanam

Sound Recording Studios:

Resound Studios India

Background Scoring:

Abhay Nayampally

Sound Design:

Time Stream Studios


Unifi Media

DI Supervisor:

N N Ramamuruthy



Trailor Colorist:


Digital Optical Team:

Naveen s Nayanar

VFX Head & Supervisor:

Mahesh Kumar Budigi

Camera Equipment

Phoenix Movie Creation


Minarva Mills , Khanteerava studios