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Colors Green

Colors Green


In 2015, ‘Chains – Love story of shadows’ was released. The trilogy based on a woman’s life was very successful at that time and the story resonated with audiences regardless of which country we performed it in. I still remember that- “Chains is my story” became a sort of mantra that organically evolved amongst the viewers.


Cut forward six years and I just completed the work on the first part of my trilogy dedicated to women, which I call ‘Colors’. Inspired by the colors of our flag, I decided to create a series which actually measured whether or not a woman’s life in this country echoes the ideals of our founding fathers when they decided the colors of the flag.


‘Green’ is the first color in our flag, a color that represents prosperity. In our production we question prosperity and evolution of a woman’s dreams and desires being carried to fruition as opposed to discovering satisfaction in a model suburban life of affluence and role play.

Yes, you might sense a déjà vu with the second part of Chains. It is not a coincidence. Writer AK Srikanth’s story had then been adapted for stage while here as a short film it comes to life as it was written. And it is that much richer as an experience for all.




Savitha Sastry


Vidya Murali


Dhara Mehrotra

House Help:

Vasantha Shivmoorthy


AK Srikanth

Younger Daughter:

Madiha Firdous

Elder Daughter:

Shubhra Murali

Shadow Figure:

Mohan Kumar


Savitha Sastry

Writer and Director:

AK Srikanth

Assosiate Directors:

Krupa Ramachandran, Varsha Raviprakasha

DOP and Editing:

Time Streams studios


Himanshu Jain, Ram Ranjan, Mohan (Aerial)

Sound Design:

Sai Shravanam


Ashwath (Unifi Media)

DI Supervisor:

J P Man


Laila Khan (Laila Studios) , Ruchitha Singh (Amar Kosa)

Make up:

Shashikala P N

Lighting Unit:

Suresh (Phenoix Creation)

Focus Puller:



Partha (Unifi Media)