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Soul Cages

Soul Cages - The Story of Life, Death, and Beyond (2012)

The ‘Soul Cages’ is an artistic experience that captures the cycles of life and death as a journey, rather than an end in itself. This unique presentation is structured on the imagery and narrative of a story, told through the fluid grace of the classical Indian dance form of Bharathanatyam. This ballet speaks to the heart, thereby transcending the audience’s knowledge of Bharathanatyam, without ever compromising the aesthetics and classicism of this art form. At it’s core, the ‘Soul Cages’ brings to life, a deeply thought provoking philosophy by examining it through the eyes of mythological characters and ordinary people. Its strength lies in being able to project didactic theological values through the disarming simplicity of a child.

This intoxicating mélange of classical dance with a story line rooted in timelessness makes this presentation one of its kinds in the arena of dance, music, or theater. ‘Soul Cages’, the artistic extravaganza is elevated by a soundtrack so vivid that it virtually paints the visual palette with its aural resonance. The richness of the music is the creative genius of its composer Rajkumar Bharathi and his use of an orchestra of master performers, recorded to perfection in a studio favored by doyens of the film industry such as A.R. Rehman.

The ‘Soul Cages’ redefines not just one’s perception of the cycles of life and death, but also redefines the boundaries that tradition has placed on the expressiveness of Bharathanatyam. The presentation is driven by its story and concept, thus proving that Bharathanatyam is indeed the most versatile and expressive tool to bring any theme to life. The connoisseur of this dance form will be enthralled by the sophistication and nuances employed in the presentation, while the uninitiated will fall in love with the art itself. A musical, a dance performance, a narrative? ‘Soul Cages’ is vastly more than the sum of its parts.


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Artistic Direction and Choreography:

Savitha Sastry

Story and Script:

AK Srikanth


Rajkumar Bharathi


Niranajn Bharathi

Technical Direction and Lighting:

Victor Paulraj

Costume design:

C A Joy

Design and Photographs:

Aditya Sastry

Recording Studio:

Resound India, Chennai