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Dear Shubhra,

Coming up with a story may or may not be a dancer’s forte. I have a fabulous writer who writes for me – that is not to say his works are pre-meditated on becoming dance pieces as he writes them. He writes whatever story he wishes to and if it is possible for me to adapt it into a dance project, I take it on.

So, you need to read a lot or be associated with a writer in some way, that is if you are unable to pen your own stories. Adapting a story that you resonated with is a great way to start. If you can hold pen to paper reasonably well, Srikanth says – write what interests you – without strings attached. Writing evolves much like dancing. Like everything in dance, it takes a lot of failed attempts to produce something that has merit. Keep writing as much as you can! It will help you – even if it is a journal to log your thoughts.

– Savitha